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Hole #18
Par 4 430 Feet Avg. Score 4.4 Elevation +43 Feet


To the first-time player, Ascension offers seemingly easy hole to finish the round. Be careful though, because a well placed drive is essential to setting up a manageable second shot. A cluster of pines on the left hand side needs to be avoided, as does the dense forest on the right. Do that and it is a mere mid-range into the green. A well-thrown shot is a must, as the fairway is sloped uphill to this guarded green that can pose a real challenge. Play to the center, steer clear of trees on the left and you may just finish with that birdie!

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 273 Feet.


Fairway is uphill and mostly straight.


Basket is set on a slight slope and is guarded by a few pines.


Road and beyond is out-of-bounds.

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“A beautiful course that meanders through the entire north side of the state park. Excellent scenery and views are available on every hole. The course has two set s of tees (Blue and Red). The Blue tees require more advanced skill and will test you game, while the Red tees are set up for Amateurs and first time players. Excellent signage with some of the best tee signs I've ever seen. ”
Reviewer - DGCR

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