Flowering Dogwood

No get out of jail free cards

Hole #7
Par 3 Pin A - 327 Pin B - 272 Avg. Score 3.1

Flowering Dogwood

Demanding a well-placed tee shot, this par three tests the player's accuracy from start to finish. Stray too far right and you will find early trees leaving a long approach to reach the green. Stray early left and you have to navigate the dense trap of trees closely bordering the green. A pitch out is likely from this location. Still, par is a possibility with a good approach.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 252 (Pin A) and 206 (Pin B).


Fairway either straight (Pin A) or left to right (Pin B).


Basket is well guarded with few open areas.


No hazards on this hole.

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“The main thing I like about the course is that it rewards a good shot and punishes a bad one. It forces you to throw shots you're not used to and find creative lines. The elevation really adds a different dimension to the game than what I'm used to playing.”
Reviewer - DGCR

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