Homeward Bound

Don't despair, you will soon be there.

Hole #17
Par 5 710 Feet Avg. Score 4.8

Homeward Bound

This par five features beautiful defined fairways that split to give the player options. The hole's main defenses, however, are the tightness of the landing zone and the road on the left. With the slight rise the entire length, the hole plays longer than expected.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 578 Feet.


Fairway starts with a left to right shot, then has different routes to choose.


Basket is set in the open.


Road and beyond is out-of-bounds.

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“We really enjoyed this course. It is very well laid out, and the signage is great. With this being our first time on this course, we had no problems knowing where the pins where, or where the next tee box was located. The location is picturesque, with great views of the lake, and plenty of wild life.”
Reviewer - DGCR

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