Autumn Breeze

Pick a line and hit it

Hole #6
Par 3 231 Feet Avg. Score 2.9

Pine Grove

This hole looks benign to the first-time player, but many a golfer has walked away from this very short par 3 with bogey or worse. With large pines down the right and trees lining the left, a high hyzer will leave the player a setting for birdie on the flat green. Road beyond is not of much concern, but hitting early foliage leaves for a difficult upshot.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 146 Feet.


Fairway is tight and hard right to left.


Basket is fairly open and on flat ground.


Road and Beyond is out-of-bounds.

Looking to host your special event here?
“This course really is a "Best of the Best".Playing this course had the sense of trail hiking at some points, sending my back to my camping days growing up, and leading camping/backpacking trips in college. The park is beautiful, and Whitetail shows off just how much. ”
Reviewer - DGCR


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