Hide and Seek

Find the fairway and seek the basket

Hole #12
Par 4 575 Feet Avg. Score 4.4

Hide and Seek

A dramatic and demanding tee shot to a narrow fairway with forest guarding the left side and out-of-bounds to the right. A very precise approach shot is required to a green that has a out-of-bounds to catch anything right. A chance to pick up a shot if you can negotiate the trouble and play aggressive.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 485 feet.


Right to left to the fairway then straight to basket.


Basket is well guarded.


Road and beyond is out-of-bounds. No water in play on this hole.

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“As with Whitetail, Dogwood is personally one of the more beautiful courses I've ever played, and I'd place it in my top 10”
Reviewer - DGCR

Mike family

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