John's Run

Throw it where you need it.

Hole #15
Par 4 Pin A -460 Pin B -490 Avg. Score 4.3

John's Run

John's Run beckons the long thrower. Playing to a large landing zone also increases the temptation, but stray too far off course and the forest both right and left will swallow any wayward shots. In the A position, the green is sitting on top a steep slope some would call a cliff. Be sure to play to the right on your drive heading to the B position. The green offers one distinct line that calls for very precise approach to be played if the player is looking for a short putt.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 298 (Pin A) and 328 (Pin B).


Fairway meanders throw a ridge crossing 2 creeks.


Basket setting on a knoll in between 2 creeks.


No hazards on this hole.

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“This is an excellent course that plays on beautiful land. You'll throw every shot there is, and you better throw it well because this course will punish a bad shot as much as it rewards a good one. Holes 1-12 are birdie-able for most players but once you cross the road to 13, it's long, technical golf at its finest for pros and ams alike.”
Reviewer - DGCR


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