Last Resort

Things are about to get interesting.

Hole #12
Par 3 Pin A -274 Pin B - 259 Avg. Score 3.3

Last Resort

From an elevated tee, this short par three tempts the player to play an aggressive drive for a shot at birdie. Proceed with caution though, as you are playing into large obstacles. With pines along the left and right guarding the green, the more strategic option is a well placed shot down the right allowing for open access to this sloped green.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 174 (Pin A) and 152 (Pin B).


Fairway is hard left to right to Pin A and a soft right to left to Pin B.


Basket is setting flat is both position.


Lake is out-of-bounds, but well out of the way.

Looking to host your special event here?
“The terrain is very unusual for Louisiana. The scenery is awesome. The course is shady and very relaxing. There are two courses at the park. You can play and stay too. You can't find a better spot.”
Ground Control
Reviewer - DGCR


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