Oak Alley

Flip Flat

Hole #8
Par 3 Pin A - 320 Pin B - 252 Avg. Score 3.4

Oak Alley

Eight is a sweeping dogleg right that places a premium on a long left-to-right flight. What follows is an adventurous sloping green running diagonally. The creek bed is not an issue, but the proximity of the thicket along the right is. Aim for the center and par is within your reach.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 270 (Pin A) and 210 (Pin B).


Fairway is left to right over a dry creek bed.


Basket is guarded with few open areas.


Creek is casual.

Looking to host your special event here?
“ I played the course for the first time during the doubles tournament on the opening day for the course. It was a fun course with some tough shots. There were a variety of shots from shot to long and from tight to open. Unlike many of the courses in the area, it has some great elevated holes.”
Reviewer - DGCR

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