Sand Bagger

Enjoy the view

Hole #11
Par 3 Pin A -322 Pin B - 290 Avg. Score 3.2

Sand Bagger

From the back tee, this wonderful hole runs away from the lake and gives the player a chance to take in the true beauty disc golf. A wooded fairway greets the player with little-to-no danger. The shot to a green demands more precision as the player must contend with the wind, thick forest to the left, and the first of several well guarded greens. Keep the disc airborne on your drive and you have a good chance at birdie.

Red Tee

Red Tee distance is 208 (Pin A) and 218 (Pin B).


Fairway is fairly straight to Pin A and a hard left to right to Pin B.


Basket is setting flat is both position and slightly guarded.


Lake is out-of-bounds, but well out of the way.

Looking to host your special event here?
“Tons of elevation. A wide range of shots required. Beautiful fairways, surrounded by wildlife and nature. The lake is enormous and well taken care of. The Ranger is supportive of the sport and very friendly. Cabins available and fun is welcomed!”
Reviewer - DGCR

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